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We've tested and reviewed almost 70 back alternatives, and now narrowed it down to the 10 best new sites. No matter what you used back for, this list has something for you! Tryst is our pick for the best new back replacement. It's the "home of the independent escort" so the providers here can charge rates that cut out any agency fees. One thing I love about Tryst is that the providers here actually pick up the phone! Every profile is verified and active, the response rate is incredible.

On the Tryst home you can browse listings for escorts near you. If you plan on traveling, you can use the search bar to find escorts in other cities. You can also use filters to search for men, women, couples, and non-binary providers. All the escorts on Tryst are verified , so you won't see any spam, , or fake s, which is a big advantage over other back replacements like bed or doublelist. Each provider also lists their contact info, rates, travel schedule, bio, and availability. The contact info is very detailed, you'll find their instagram, twitter, , phone , and website, making it easy to get in touch and book short notice hookups.

Tryst was created by the people behind Switter. Many of the sex workers using Switter started using Tryst as a place to post listings, giving it a big user base right from its start. Visit Tryst.

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